BUG PANTS – Zipper Fly Style

The Zipper Fly Bug Pants are the perfect complement to the Original Bug Shirt for those who need full body protection from mosquitoes, ticks and other biting insects.

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Ivy Green/Polyester








The Zipper Fly Bug Pants are available in polyester in sandstone (pictured here), ivy green or camouflage. They feature reinforced knees, and cargo and hip pockets.These pants are deliberately cut long – when held up to your waist the ankle elastic should be touching the floor! This is so that even when fully bending your knees, the lower edge of the pants will remain tucked into your shoes, and not ride up to expose your ankles to bites.

The Zipper Fly Pants come in 5 adult sizes (S to XX) and also in 3 different leg lengths (short, regular and long).

Please check the size chart carefully before ordering.

  • The unique elasticated ankle and stirrup positively protect the vulnerable ankle area from biting insects.

  • The waist is secured with a button closure, zipper fly, and elastic at the back, as well as having belt loops.

  • The knees are reinforced.

  • There are two pockets in the side seams.

  • There are two rear hip pockets.

  • There are two leg cargo pockets with velcro closures


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Bug Proof Zipper Fly Pants