The Original Bugshirt Company

The Original Bug Shirt Company

Taxes and Import Duties

The order form will calculate taxes (only in Canada) and shipping charges. You will have several chances to check, change or cancel your order after this point.

If the location you are asking us to ship to is remote and our actual shipping costs are significantly higher than our flat rate shipping charge, we will contact you for a revision of that charge before shipping your order.

Possible customs duties on shipments to Countries outside the USA or Canada:

Please be aware that if we are shipping to a country other than Canada or the USA, customs duties may be charged based on the value of the goods imported. Please check with your customs department if you wish to find out in advance what those costs may be. If charged, they will probably be collected by the Postal Service since we ship to overseas destinations by mail.

If shipping to the UK, Sweden or Norway, click here to check out our retailers in those countries for faster delivery times and no import duties.

NO Customs duties on shipments to the USA or Canada: