What are the differences between the “Elite Edition” and the “Original Style”?

The “Elite Edition” shirt contains several improvements over the “Original Style” that we felt made it a better product. The most significant of these is the placement of the zipper on the face mesh, which we moved from the lower edge of the face mesh to the top edge and put two sliders on it. This means that you can open the face mesh just a bit, to look through binoculars, or to eat or drink, without exposing your neck and head to the bugs. It is actually closer from the top edge of the mesh to your mouth than from the lower edge. You also have the option of moving the zipper sliders down approximately in line with your ears, and then tucking the face mesh under your chin. This lets you have your face exposed – obviously when the bugs are not too bad! – but you know they won’t be crawling in your hair or biting the back of your neck!

We also added an adjusting cord to the back of the hood, so that if you find the hood falls too far forward on your face and blocks your peripheral vision, you have the option of pulling it back and locking it in place, to tailor it for your particular head size or neck length.

We added a knit cuff at the wrist, as well as the adjustable elastic cords, so it makes a better seal around your wrist to keep out crawling things. And we changed the shape of the sleeve a little so it does give you a slightly higher degree of protection against mosquitoes at the elbow, since there is less chance of the mesh contacting your skin.