Increased Mosquito Populations

                                                                 (mosquito laying eggs in water. Photo: US EPA)   All across Canada and the US we are seeing historic rainfalls, which sometimes, tragically, […]


Cherries White – Black Flies Bite

I am up in Northern Ontario visiting my parents, helping out with garden bed preparation. One of the things I like best about living in Guelph is the distinct lack of black flies. I often schedule my visits up North to coincide with NOT black fly season as their particular brand of bites drive me […]


First Hike in April

Spring! It’s my favourite time of year. I live in South-Western Ontario and the magnolia trees are in full bloom, along with countless bulbs exploding their colourful life into the world. It’s the time of year where I take any opportunity to get out of the city and explore one of the many hiking trails […]


How we do business, and why

When we started The Original Bug Shirt Company in 1991, as a response to the heavy infestations of biting flies and mosquitoes which plague our remote home in northeastern Ontario, we had very little business experience. As a result, much of our ‘business plan’ was based on our personal beliefs on how a business should […]