The Original Bugshirt Company

The Original Bug Shirt Company

Amazing Story

This story is so amazing that it is worthy of a page all to itself!  But the pictures are a little graphic, so if you’re squeamish, don’t scroll down.

To Whom It May Concern:  

I thought that you may find this story and attached photos interesting. While on a fishing trip near Sault Saint Marie, Ontario, I had a very unfortunate run in with a pine tree. (Pictures enclosed)

On our return trip from a small brook trout lake, our off road vehicle collided with a dead pine tree lying along an old logging road.

The tip of the tree entered my body at my belly button and exited out the side. This was as much of a near death experience as it gets, considering I was over 2 hours from the nearest hospital

Upon impact my bug shirt was actually pulled off my back and followed the tree as it passed through my body. During my post op. conference with my doctors it was explained to me that the very serious risk of infection was basically eliminated due to my bug shirt preventing any of the tree from making contact with my insides.

I have been an outspoken fan of the bug shirt since my first purchase and I am quite certain that I now hold the proud distinction of being your #1 fan and most satisfied customer. It is very possible that your shirt saved my life.

I am recovering fine and am looking forward to replacing my shirt as soon as possible. As you can see from the photos my shirt survived the accident, but did not survive being cut off me.

Thank you for making such a quality garment.

Tom S. Crabill, President


If you have the stomach for it (no pun intended), you can click on the images above to see a bigger version.  Tom tells us he’s recovering well, but it will be 4 to 6 weeks before he’s back out there fishing.  We sent him a replacement shirt – this one obviously wasn’t going to be much use any more.  But the story is certainly a testament to the durability of the fabric.

We didn’t design the Bug Shirt to protect in this sort of situation.  We had smaller foe than the sharp end of pine tree in mind.  But we’re really pleased to have been of help!

 More neat pictures (a little less gory!)

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